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Sky Bar™

The sky bar you loved in 1970, returning in 2019

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sky bar strives to produce fresh, great tasting candy bars, while remaining true to our historical roots.


About us

When we found out the Sky Bar was being discontinued in 2018, we knew something had to be done. Knowing it is beloved by confectionery fans nationwide, we decided to take charge and bring our favorite chocolate bar back into production…


What is sky bar?

The Sky Bar is a unique candy bar, consisting of a sweet milk chocolate base with four different fillings, or “centers”, within it. These four fillings are vanilla, peanut, caramel, and fudge. Think of it like having all your favorite flavors candy bars in one!



In the recent weeks since we have announced the return of the Sky Bar, we have received countless positive messages from fans all across the country. Here are some of our favorites.

“Thank you so for bringing back the best candy bar of my childhood! Looking forward to enjoying them for many years to come thanks to you!!” - Alexis

“My boyfriend used to get these with his dad growing up, and now when I ask him what he wants it’s the only thing he ever really wants!! So I can’t WAIT to hopefully be able to give him some by the holidays!” - Rebecca

Our family’s favorite since the original in 1938!
— Bill

“Having grown up in Bangor, Maine I developed a life-long love of Sky Bar. Wherever I moved to throughout my 60+ years I always found a way to acquire them. Even while in Desert Storm back in '91 my mother (living in Maine at the time) would occasionally ship me a dozen or so in a "care package." Now living in Rapid City, South Dakota I'm fortunate to get them at one of those old-time candy stores at the local mall. But today, while picking up a few of the bars, I learned about NECCO's demise! Deeply saddened, I drove home and went straight to Google. Unfortunately it was true. BUT I then read where Duck Soup bought the rights to my favorite bar, rescuing it from obscurity. I'd like to thank you, Louise Mawhinney, for having the good sense...and good taste! save such an iconic American candy.” - Tim

“Thank you so much for bringing back the Sky Bar! It was always one of my favorites.” - Michael

“Thank you so much for taking this on Skybar is my favorite candy bar!!! I was heartbroken when I ate my last bar knowing it was gone forever! Now, I am so pleased and wanted to send you a big thank you! I will drive there if necessary and buy boxes of them!”
— Linda

“I wanted to mention a funny thing I've been doing at Christmas time. Since I like Sky Bar so much I would buy a box of 25 or 36, wrap them up and tag the present from Santa to the Boys, meaning me and my 2 boys.  This way I got away with eating them without my wife yelling at me.  My wife certainly couldn't yell at Santa in front of the boys.” - Pete 

“Life can be so hectic and so fast paced with technology that to be able to step back even for a moment to reminisce and remind ourselves that it is ok to be still for a moment and savor all that is around us and as with everyone it is those tastes and smells that bring us back to childhood. Playing with the kids out in the street hitting the baseball, playing tether ball in your yard, your parents hanging out in the front yard talking with the other neighbors, playing on your slip-n-slide with all the neighbor kids… going to the drive-in movies with your family for movie night. The Sky Bar was there during all of it. Each flavor yours to savor.” - Heather